Money Smart – V1 – Customized

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What is better than a unique, fun, interesting, smart game ?
You guessed it! A customized unique, fun, interesting, smart game.

When you purchase this item you get our limited edition Money Smart V1 board, but we customize the events and the cards, to have a better emotional connection with you or with the person you are gifting the game.

What we do ?
1- We communicate with you prior to shipping. We will ask you about events that you would like to add to the game. Events that happened to you or to people you know. An accident, and investment, a failed project, a family drama … Whatever you want, the more the better.

2- We modify the events in the game to reflect the ones you have described. We also modify the cards to include your proposed deals and choices in life.

3- We print the elements, and we ship the modified game to you in 5-10 days from your approval of modifications.