Money Smart – Teens Edition

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When you purchase this item you get our limited edition Money Smart V1 board, but the rules are customized to be easier to understand by 12-18 year old teens, to provide better lessons about work, investing and education. This edition increase the fun in the game to be more appealing to the younger players.

The general lesson that can be learned from the game is that launching a business and investing is essential to escape the rat race. The game provide concrete examples or investment opportunities, life choices and life realities and events. The game was conceived to be educational, but also fun so that kids would like to play it.

What is MoneySmart about ?
1- Fun, is first and foremost the main objective of any game. We worked hard to make this game fun, fun enough that you would not be bored after a couple games.

2- Life, this game tries to simulate life and the daily struggle, allowing players to reflect on life in a more realistic way.

3- Risks, this game encourages the player to take calculated risks on investing. A basic essential skill that is thought to rich kids everywhere around the world.

4- Business Education, exposing the player to as much different investment and business possibilities.

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