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The Ultimate Finance Board game

MoneySmart Board Game.

A game that can be played in different modes, allowing maximising fun or maximising the financial aspect of the game, or even a mixture of the two.

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More than just a game. It is about life, money and most importantly the fun. Playing this boardgame might make you see life differently.

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Focus On Finance

We include most aspects of the financial world: Bills, Taxes, Credit Card Debt, Recurring income, Stocks, Investments, Real estates, Startups, ETF, Bonds...

Luck and Life

No one personal can deny the role of luck in life, thus it was normal to have luck play a role in this game, from dice to arrow spinner, to even the cards you withdraw.

Risk Taking

Risk analysis and risk taking is an essential part for financial success. MoneySmart factors this in the game mechanism, and it affects the game even more than luck.

Fun Social Activity

A social game should be fun, otherwise you won't want to play it again. That's why we put a lot of effort to include many mini-games that would assure this game is fun.


Allows you to fill the zen card. Choices you make affect your game indirectly. Protecting you and opening investment opportunities.

  • Based on your answers you fill the zen card
  • Protect you from life wheel events
  • Protect you from actions by other players
  • Allows you to do deals that require certain amount of icons


Making deals and earning recurring incomes is the objective of the game. You will need to become a business or investor to be able to make deals.

  • Deals might require certain icons on zen card
  • Some deals generate recurring income
  • Some deals appreciate in value with time
  • You deal with multiple investment categories

Life Wheel

We all face obstacles, entrepreneurs and investors have also their share of obstacles. With life wheel you find yourself facing these challenges.

  • The icons on zen card can prevent some events
  • Some life wheel events require you to take action
  • Possibility to customize Life wheel events
  • When you land on SABOTAGE, things get interesting ...

Mini Games

When a player finishes an entire lap, a lap card is withdrawn. This card engages the players in a fun mini game that lightens the mood.

  • Drawing games ...
  • Guessing games ...
  • Thumb fight
  • And many many more.
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