Money Smart Boardgame

The story behind this game is a story of frustration in the available money related games in the market.

It all started during a normal game of monopoly with my kid, and a moment of realization that you learn absolutely nothing playing a monopoly game.

The seed was planted, and throughout the years, many better games have challenged monopoly, but none felt right. Either too complex or too non realistic.

One day, i decided to launch mine and here we are today.

The first batch has only 500 units, intended to be collectible 1st print/batch. With future batches we will tune the rules and the looks. But if you are looking for a limited quantity collectible item, it’s the first batch that you should be interested in.

I will be honest, i feel it is not perfect yet, it is not ready yet … But throughout my many years of entrepreneurship, i have learned that i should launch even if i am not 100% ready or the product is 100% ready, and then improve the offer with time. Funny thing, that’s exactly the idea of lean startup.

How many players can play the game ?

I don’t know! i have done testing with up to 4 players, and everything worked like a charm. Can more players play together? Possibly, but i have no idea how the experience will be, as i haven’t tested on more than 4 players much.

How old should players be ?

Again, i have no idea, 10 year olds were able to play it with no much issues. However it does require kids to be at least mature enough to be able to understand some aspects of life, and smart enough to do some basic mathematics. My 13 year old kid loved it, a bunch of 15-18 teens loved it as well.

Is this an adults game ?

Adults will surely understand all aspects better, and they would agree on a lot of life aspects, or even have aha moments, but this game is not age specific, as long as the person is interested.

Is it fun ?

Heck yeah! I made sure to integrate some fun elements, after-all it’s a game, you don’t want it to be boring. My teen kid and his friends loved it.

Is it educational?

Depends how aware are you of the wealth creation and investment process. There is a chance you would learn a thing or two. If it is for a kid, then the learning amount would be bigger than any board game out there. The cool aspect about this game, is that it can influence behaviour and decisions in real life.
I mean, the taking risks part of the brain, which is needed for any successful entrepreneurship or investment endeavor.



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